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I make movies about my life touring the world and doing the issues I like. I do that as a result of I adore it, and since I need you to do what you like too! I imagine if everybody was doing what they love, we’d have a happier and extra compassionate planet.

Filmed with a Canon G7X
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  1. I totally agree with you. One diet is not for everybody. We know the best what is good for our body. ( Of course, if we actually listen a to our on needs is totally different thing…But that's whole other problem. ) I can not understand how people can make money by telling others the same diet is good for young, going to the gym man and middle age mother of two? It makes no sense at all.

  2. I started taking Weight Loss Green Store Tea 4 days ago and I have already lost 4lbs! I have altered my eating habits but not drastically. Also, I don't workout being a stay at home mom of 2 so I know its the tea working !

  3. Problem with listening T to your body is that your body does not give reliable signals and we humans can interpret things wrong. For example, you can be deficient in something and feel fine (vitamin B12 deficiency) or feel good but be very unhealthy (eating junk food).

  4. I love what you are saying because i have been trying different diets and i am trying to eat the way people are telling me to do. Like, one group i am following wants me to eat 1 pound of veggies in the morning and when i did i had such sharp pains in my stomach and gas. so i had to stop it. i will take your advice and do what works for me. thanks Jason 😀

  5. As a med student I kindly have to disagree. Diets don't work well for some people and not so well for others as we all have the same reactions happening when certain food enters our body (assuming you're not ill). No matter what diet you're on, you will lose weight when your caloric intake is lower than what you're burning! Even on a high fat diet which actually puts your body into starvation mode which can hardly be the healthy solution! I agree that we shoudn't treat a diet as a religion to the point of orthorexia and cutting out fat completely is not the solution! But carbs ARE the body's favorite source of energy, this is not just an opinion of the high carb vegan movement, the world health organization recommends 60% of your daily calorie intake coming from carbs with about 20-25% coming from fat. Makes sense that a balanced diet high in unprocessed whole foods will provide you witch exactly that!

  6. there is no pressure!! wtf are you talking about.. a lot out ppl promote predominately whole foods diet for Health and feeling your best. no one ever stated it is the only way to be successful on a vegan diet.. bruh what the fuck are you on mate… fr, dr, tvc, vg they dnt just eat no oil no fat they do incorporate it in their diets they just dnt eat it every day or for every fucking meal bruh.
    ~peace out~

  7. eeeek, there shouldn't be any "diets" that you need to skip to another one from because it's not working and there shouldn't be any "strict rules and guidelines" to change. Just the sound of that makes me feel restricted lol.

  8. Very well put. I really think people need to learn to listen to their bodies. If your body isn't doing well with a certain diet change it up! You don't have to commit to a particular diet, make your own as long as it's vegan, covers all your nutrients, and makes you feel your best.

  9. But high fat diet will never ever make you loose weight, that is just impossible! Jason, please don't promote eating pre made fatty chips, and vegan burgers etc as often. It will never help as well. Of course I am vegan, but this is just too insane to eat like that all the time! A lot of fat literally make people fatter . Plus it seems that Henya has major problems with her digestion and stomach, may be a decreased amount of oil will help? Don't you think? And another point, you both don't want to hear about what diet Freelee promotes and stuff like that but at the same time Henya literally after listening to Dr Greggor started implementing parts of it, wtf. That is dishonest

  10. Yeah for me, I got super orthorexic when I did super HCLF because I tried to be super "pure". I was thinking about food all day long! Now I just eat a bit of vegan junk food everyday and I'm starting to binge less and less (but my main meals are still HCLF and whole vegan foods).

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